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Refrigeration dryers - RDP series

  • Published 2 year last on Nov 04, 2021

Refrigeration dryers - RDP series

Refrigeration dryers RDP have been designed to effectively separate water from the compressed air thus lowering pressure dew point all the way down to +3°C. Drying is achieved on the principle of cooling which takes place inside a highly efficient and ultra-compact 3 stage heat exchanger. In the first stage (air-air heat exchanger) hot and humid inlet air is being pre-cooled by the cold outgoing air. In the second stage (air-refrigerant heat exchanger) intensive water condensation takes place due to cooling the air. All condensed water is separated from the main compressed air stream in the third stage by the integrated demister. A proven and robust design of refrigeration dryers enables efficient and reliable operation, fast installation and simple maintenance.

refrigeration compressed air dryer

Characteristics of refrigeration dryers

 operating pressure  14 bar
 max. ambient temp.  1,5 to 45 °C
 pressure dew points     °C
 flow rate  20 to 13200 Nm3/h 
 refrigerant  R134a (R407c) 
 type of cooling  air cooled


• Compressed air systems
• Sized to match standard compressor outputs

Technical data of refrigeration dryers RDP

rdp dryer technical data