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Nitrogen generators N-GEN

  • Published 2 year last on Oct 15, 2021


Nitrogen generators and Oxygen generators extract the available nitrogen/oxygen in the ambient air from the other gases by applying the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology. The first step in the PSA process is compressed air passing through a combination of filters and an activated carbon tower with the purpose of removing dust, entrained oil and water. The purified air is then directed to one of two adsorption vessels that are packed with carbon molecular sieves (CMS). The remaining impurities such as carbon dioxide and residual moisture are adsorbed by the CMS at the entrance of the adsorbent bed. PSA process in oxygen generators is very similar than in nitrogen generators. Just carbon molecular sieves (CMS) are replaced with molecular sieves (MS).

nitrogen generators

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Nitrogen generators N-GEN

The N-GEN nitrogen generators extract the available nitrogen in the ambient air from the other gases by applying the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology. During the PSA process compressed, cleaned ambient air is led to a molecular sieve bed, which allows the nitrogen to pass through as a product gas, but adsorbs other gases. The sieve releases the adsorbed gases to the atmosphere when the outlet valve is closed and the bed pressure returns to ambient pressure. Subsequently, the bed will be purged with nitrogen before fresh compressed air will enter for a new production cycle. In order to guarantee a constant product flow, N-GEN nitrogen generators use two molecular sieve beds, which alternatively switch between the adsorption and the regeneration phase. Industrial nitrogen gas can be also produced by separation of gaseous air using membrane technology or fractional distillation of liquid air using cryogenic technology. Decision on production method depend on required purity, volume and regime of consumption.

Nitrogen generator


operating pressure 6-10 bar
operating temperature range  to 50 °C

ambient air temperature range

up to 40 °C
dew points (atmospheric) < -45 °C
capacity 0,83 to 766,8 Nm3/h
purity up to 99,999 %
• Set of External Feed Air Filters
• Adsorber Vessels in Carbon Steel
• Long-life Pneumatic and Solenoid Valves
• Internal Piping & Fittings zinc plated carbon steel
• Product Pressure Transmitters
• Nitrogen and Air flow Regulation
• Pressure Regulator
• Control System with SIEMENS PLC
• WebControl

• Oxygen Analyser
• Electronic Product Flow Meter
• Feed Air / Product Moisture Analyser
• Feed Air / Product Temperature Transmitters
• Nitrogen Sterile Filters
• Nitrogen Booster
• Nitrogen Cylinder Filling System
• Touch screen Interface
• Serial communications



• Blanketing of Chemicals
• Gas Assisted Injection Moulding (GAIM)
• Heat Treatment of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals
• Inerting of Flammable Liquids
• Laser Cutting
• Prevention of Dust Explosions
• Re-flow and Wave Soldering of PCBs
• UV-Curing of Coatings
• Food processing

Technical data

nitrogen generators technical data