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  • Published 2 year last on Oct 15, 2021

Turbo blower NX Series

Turbo blower NX series, which was developed born from the state-of-the-art aerospace technologies only Neuros, is a masterpiece boasting the highest performance and excellent reliability. The Combination of the highly efficient impeller, air bearing and PMSM guarantees the highest performance as well as eco-friendly and user-friendly.

NX Series is widely applied to industrial process, water and wastewater treatment, due to various operating point that customer needs all over the world. this is why the customer admits the turbo blower NX series is the best

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  • Suction Flow Rate: 9 to 532 ㎥/min
  • Discharge pressure : 0.3 to 1.0 kgf/㎠ G
  • Turndown : 45 to 100%
  • Noise Level: Below 85dB(A)
  • 100% Oil-free system
  • Compliance with ISO5389, ASME PTC 10

The Highest Performance

Impeller, completed in optimized aerodynamic design and elemental technologies specialized in high rotation, such as PMSM, VFD are making performance of NX series high.

turbo blower NX series will be able to recover the investment within two years by energy saving of 30~50% compared to PD blower, resulting from providing the world best in performance reaching up to 75% of system efficiency.

Self-developed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor(PMSM) has high efficiency and power factor of more than 95% for high-speed operation, which operates the blower with negligible mechanical loss during operation thanks to the rotor of motor and impeller being directly coupled.

VFD(Variable Frequency Drive) enables to removal of waste of energy by controlling the rotational speed of PMSM in order to adjust discharge pressure and flow rate, in a wide operating range of 45~100%.



Air-bearing has been developed through the technical Know-How accumulated in an aircraft turbo engine development experience. Proven air bearing and patented cooling system with easy control system will ensure high reliability. Non-contact air bearing that utilizes the dynamic pressure of air-fluid supplied the 100% oil-free compressed air and the structural stability. Patented cooling system that applied aircraft industry, such as ACM, ESC boasts enhanced cooling performance and no heat emission from the blower to the surroundings. Return on investment is possible in a short period of time through reduced LCC compared to PD blower.



Economical Life Cycle Cost


NX series can maximize the profitability of end-users through a significant reduction of LCC. There is no regular maintenance except replacing air filter,
composed of 2 stages, which protects the mechanical and electrical components and increases their efficiency. 


Customer Oriented Technology

User-friendly and eco-friendly technology is implemented for convenience.

  1. PLC and touch screen allow end-users to easily control, monitor and diagnose and to run in automated mode at constant speed, pressure, flow or dissolved oxygen control mode.
  2. Various languages are available including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish and Russian.
  3. It is possible to reduce the installation costs up to 40-50% and plug & play operation thanks to the small footprint and all-in-one package.
  4. It is operated with 100 oil-free by removing the lubrication system and has very low vibration of less than 1mm/s and noise levels in combination with non-contact air bearing and patented enclosure


Technical Specification

  • Discharge Pressure: NX series(0.3 ~ 1.0 kgf/cm2 G)
  • Reference Conditions: 1.033 kgf/cm2 A, 20ºC, 65% RH
  • Tolerance: Air Flow ±4%, Power ±5%
  • Compliant with ISO5389, ASME PTC 10
  • The specification of the product may be changed for improvement of performance without notice