Eqo Brush

Eqo Brush

  • Published 2 year last on Oct 08, 2021


Automatic Brush Tube Cleaning System for Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Chiller and Steam  Condensers, helps to prevent fouling and scaling of the tubes and to maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of industries and factories power generations without interruption of operations.

Eqobrush – Automatic Brush Tube Cleaning System (ATCS) accomplishes exactly that during normal operation of your system. You’re assured that those tubes are kept as pristine as gun barrels, without interruption of operations.


EQOBRUSH is designed to fit any heat exchanger or condenser that has a bundle of tubes inside

                                                                                                             SHELL AND TUBE HEAT EXCHANGER                                   CHILLER CONDENSER                                            STEAM CONDENSER




EQOBRUSH automatic brush online cleaning system keeps the chiller/heat exchanger tubes cleaned from fouling and scaling, therefore, the chiller/heat exchanger can achieve an effective and efficiency performance and a long-term energy saving.

As Circulate water flow direction is reversed by a reversal valve, the brushes which installed in each tube are compelled to move up and down through the tube, all type of fouling like: slime, algae, bacterial, corrosion, silt, sludge, mud, reaction product doesn’t have chance to accumulate on the tube’s wall.


Advantages of EQOBRUSH automatic online cleaning system

  • Improve heat transfer efficiency, energy saving 10-30%
  • Automatic online, 100% cleaning for each tube, no downtime required
  • Reduce manual chemical cleaning, simplify maintenance and extend the life-time of chillers
  • Various size for different chillers and pipeline situation, installation is free from the space limited.